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DODX Containers

20' Conex, Tricon, Quadcon

We are proud to announce our DODX heavy duty flat car auxillary item - US Army conexes, Tricons, and Quadcons in HO scale.

The Tricon and Quadcon are unique and versatile mini-containers originally developed for use by the United States Armed Forces. The Tricon is configured to enable three containers to be secured together using the exclusive SeaLock connector. The resulting package has the same footprint as a standard 20' ISO intermodal container. Similary, the Quadcon enables four containers to be secured together with the resulting package having the same footprint as a standard 20' ISO intermodal container. This three-into-one concept and four-into-one concept offers the advantages of a segregated loading pattern with the ease of handling of a standard 20' container. Intended for use as a transport/storage unit, the Tricon's and Quadcon's double-door access offers a wide range of options for on-site storage sheds, mobile lockers, capital equipment housings, and housing modules.

After doing extensive research on the DODX heavy duty flat car, we noticed that many carried conexes, Tricons, and Quadcons. We felt this was an item that was missing not only in the model railroad community but also in the military modeling arean. But once again, we may have over engineered the Tricons and Quadcons. We designed the Tricons to be interchangeable with other Tricons so you can mix and match colors as well as change the direction each is facing (see pictures below). Similarly, the Quadcons can be interchanged with each other as well as changing their orientation.

Tricons and Quadcons have never been available before in HO scale. We will be offering 1 20' connex, 1 Tricon, and 1 Quadcon per package which is essentially 8 containers and the cost is $49.95. We will also offer special limited edition US Army conexes in 3 packs and they will be priced at $24.95.

The Tricon/Quadcon connectors are very tiny parts and they can be easily lost.
We are offering a pack of 4 Tricon/Quadcon connectors for $1.00

Decorated samples shown at the bottom of this page.
Click on the Ordering button to the right to get to the ordering page.'%20containers%20on%20DODX%20flat%20cars-5_800x.jpg
Sometimes DOD would lease 40' containers and use the heavy duty flat cars to transport them.
Our cars can handle a 40' container just like the prototype. Often a 20' container or a piece of
equipment would be loaded in the remaining space on the deck of the car.
See photo above and those below.

40' container and 20' containe on DODX flat cars.jpg'%20containers%20on%20DODX%20flat%20cars-4_800x.jpg