Model train storage boxes at affordable prices and custom cars for serious modelers.


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About Us
We are serious scale model railroaders who belong to a local modular club.  We enjoy promoting the hobby and we usually display our modules three times a year at the Great Scale Model Train Show in Timonium, MD  We have been known to display at other shows who are serious about having us attend their event.

We were looking for a way to adequately store our sizable fleets of rolling stock and motive power.  We found all of the other manufacturers of model train storage systems to be extremely expensive and more often than not, they were lacking in several areas.  We knew there had to be a better and a cheaper way.  We developed and designed our own model train storage system and priced it affordably.  Next we decided a carrying bag would make our model train storage boxes easy to transport.  We had them commercially made to insure the highest quality. Sadly, the USPS shipping rates became so high that we had to stop selling our boxes and bags in 2020.

Since we are serious about model railroading, we want to offer selected high quality cars of select manufacturers and produce cars in road names that have not been done before or road names that we feel the hobby could use more of with new and different road numbers.

Now we are a full fledged manufacturer of model train cars.  Our goal is to offer cars the "big guys" will never produce but this also means very, very limited runs.  We want to offer the highest quality and detail possible using today's modern tooling techniques.  Stay tuned for more signature cars from Spring Mills Depot.