Model train storage boxes at affordable prices and custom cars for serious modelers.


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Storage Boxes and Carrying Bags
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  We offer the most flexible and affordable model train storage system for HO and N scale model trains.  Our storage and transport system allows you to store virtually any type of car without damaging delicate details.
We know because we use them!
  Our single box has a tremendous capacity and when you calculate the per car cost to store them, our system is absolutely the most cost effective on the market.  Price: $12.50

Make the most efficient use of your valuable storage area!


Go from this:


To this!!!


Foam Strips
We offer foam strips that can be used to cushion your delicate equipment.  And because the foam strips are independent of the foam in the box, you can position them any way you want.  It is possible to weave them in between all sorts of different equipment as the pictures show.  Our storage system offers the most flexibility of any system on the market.
Price: $0.40 each


Foam Pads for N Scale Equipment

We offer 1/2" foam pads that lets N scale equipment lay flat and fit perfectly in the storage box.  Price: $2.00
NOTE: some N scalers have reported they stand their equipment on their wheels and they don't need the extra pad.  They discovered an N scale box is approximately the same height as an HO scale car on its side.

Carrying Bags

Our carrying bags can hold up to four storage boxes.  That is a lot of trains that you can transport in one arm!

We had our bags commercially made to insure the highest quality and durability.  The bag features a Super-Glide zipper.  The carrying handles have been engineered to distribute the weight of the bag.  The bag is water resistant and machine washable.
Price: $69.95


Below are several examples of the capacity of our boxes.

Each box can hold 30 HO scale 40' box cars.
Each box can hold 42 HO scale 34' hopper cars!  Note the foam strips in the three photos above.
Each box can hold 12 HO Scale 89' enclosed auto racks.
Each box can hold 12 HO Scale 89' hi cube box cars.

Our storage system allows you to place your rolling stock and engines in any arrangement that your needs may dictate.  No other system allows this much flexibility. 
Each box can hold 27 HO scale 45' hoppers.
Our storage system not only provides the maximum flexibility in arranging your equipment but holds your equipment with just enough pressure to not damage any delicate details.  The center photo shows a Walthers HO scale coil car with its frail hood supports.  If you own any of these cars, you know how easy it is break the hood brackets off.  Also pictured are various flat cars and gondolas with individual grab irons, cable tie downs, and load bracing.  All of these details are fragile yet show after show, none of the details are damaged by the storage boxes.