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DODX Heavy Duty Flat Cars - HO scale

Spring Mills Depot is proud to announce our 7th car!

All new tooling for a signature car!!!

Once again Spring Mills Depot is going full tilt
on a project car. If you can't do it right, why do it?

This project has been 4 years in the making. We have tracked down and measured dozens of prototype cars and figured out all of the main variations.

The DODX flat cars were built or modified by no less than four builders. SMD will be producing several different variations with models specific for each of the following builders:

Fruit Growers Express
Thrall Car
Ortner Freight Car

General Railway Equipment
(logo not available)

Each car will come with 20 tie-down chains. Packs of (20) tie-down chains will be available seperately. The buckeye trucks (1 pair) will be available as seperately as well. Check the ordering page.

Based on a 2001 mandate by the American Association of Railroads (AAR), buffer cars were required for all nuclear casket transports when they were transporting "hot" radioactive loads. These cars were rebuilt for use as buffer cars starting in 2000. SMD will be offering two buffer cars in two different paint schemes based on prototype photos.

Upon the introduction of the heavy duty flat car fleet into the Department of Defense, it was realized the Navy needed a few cars to carry Navy materials and they were assigned to the Navy. Five replacement cars were built by GRE at the end of the Ortner run to replace the original five assigned to the navy. These five cars from the original FGE built car series were specially equipped and painted for this service and SMD will be offering two cars.

Retraction: We originally identified the five Navy assigned cars as nuclear casket cars. This was incorrect. These heavy duty flat cars never carried nuclear materials (note there are no hazmat placards on the cars).

Basic artwork and ordering information has been posted!

We expect the cars to arrive in January 2017.

Update 9/6/16: The build dates have been updated to be the lot dates of when the cars were contracted. Actual build dates will be posted as that information is provided to us.

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